Pro-Line Solutions Inc.

Producers of the most cost-effective, efficient and environmentally safe medical detergents available.

Since 1950, Pro-Line Solutions Inc., has been at the vanguard of surgical instrument care product development.  In the beginning, our goal was to produce the most cost-effective and efficient medical detergents available for use in the healthcare industry.

As time went on, it became evident that it was no longer enough for these products to remove gross biological and non-biological soiling – it was becoming critical that our products be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Following years of research and development, we created a new line of Enzymatic Detergents that deliver superior cleansing power and then break down into non-toxic components when their job is done.  The products were so innovative that on May 1, 2007, we were awarded a US patent covering their formulation and production process. This patent also has International Protection for worldwide use.

However, our new solutions aren’t just green.  During tests at an independent laboratory, our Enzymatic Detergents removed soil much more effectively than the Control product.  Our formulations were also more effective in loosening gross soil (as noticed when rinsing the instruments under running water).

Pro-Line Solutions is now one of the industry’s premier manufacturers of non-toxic, non-hazardous medical detergents for processing surgical instruments/scopes.  We also manufacture private label products for STERIS Corporation and Cardinal Health of Canada.

We are proud of the fact that our products help to make hospitals safer places to be – and that they also keep the Earth a safe place to live.  And with every new product we develop, we see that it lives up to our motto…

…every ounce is safe!