Proline-Solutions Product Line

Environmentally safe products that create safer, healthier medical care and help pave the way to a greener tomorrow.


A non-enzymatic cleaner designed for tunnel and cart washers, ultrasonics, and other automatic processes. Performs well in hard water. Available by the gallon or by the drum.

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Eco-Bio Foam

New! A spill-proof formulation that breaks down organic and inorganic residue on contact and keeps soiled medical devices moist. Starts the cleaning process before transport.

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A fast and effective surface disinfectant.  The non-alcohol formulation is compatible with all materials, and it kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses including TB, HIV, HCV and many more.

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Eco-Scope plus Detergent/HD

New! A High Level Disinfectant for reprocessing of semi-critical medical devices such as Endoscopes for which Sterilization is not suitable. Eco-Scope can be used manually for immersion and in automated scope machines.

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Eco-Sonic Descaler

New! A formulation for use in Automatic Washers and Ultrasonics designed to remove rusting, discoloration, bio-burdens, mineral deposits, scaling and spotting. Safe for rubber, plastics and all metals.

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A multi-enzymatic spray used immediately after surgery to begin the breakdown of organic and inorganic biological residues while avoiding the use of water in the ER.  Available in a spray or concentrate form.

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Pry Cleaning Cream

An all-purpose cleaner that removes stains, discoloration and rust from metal instruments, sterilizer doors and internal washer chambers.  It’s effective, convenient and easy to apply.

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